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Design-build services and projects offer a simple, straightforward approach to construction. One team works together from the beginning through completion of the project, focusing on open communication and collaboration to produce and deliver outstanding results. When all team members work together, costs are minimized, thus improving schedules and timelines and producing more efficient results.

What Are

The growing trend in design-build services stems from the concept of having a single point of contact for design and construction phases. This means that one general contractor is responsible for the build, including assessments, estimations and pre-construction to schematics, architecture, engineering and subcontracting through construction and post-construction. As the design-builder, Valdez Construction, Inc. manages all contracts, including equipment vendors, subcontractors and material providers.

Unlike other more complicated forms of construction, owners only contract with Valdez Construction, Inc., as the design-builder. Traditional construction methods include construction management and general contracting, where owners contract with different companies, such as construction, architectural design, etc. The benefits of design-build services are that they bring all project elements together, where architects work directly with the general construction team. In the other methods mentioned above, architectural design is usually completed separately, possibly resulting in additional unforeseen costs and possible delays during the construction process. However, when you use design-build services, Valdez Construction, Inc. has insight into the costs and construction of different designs, helping define budgets and streamline schedules.

Design-Build Process

The design-build process offers a straightforward approach and includes five primary phases.

1 Select a design-builder

Select a design-builder

2 Pre-construction assessments

Pre-construction assessments

3 Architectural design

Architectural design

4 Construction phase

Construction phase

5 Post-construction phase

Post-construction phase

Additionally, many of these phases overlap when using the Design-Build process since team members collaborate throughout the project.

There are many benefits to choosing the simplified design-build services option when building, such as:

Faster Delivery

Design and construction are concurrent, which means that they are joined into one instead of having two separate phases.

Smoother Process

Eliminating headaches and longer timelines, design and build services eliminate potential conflicts between architects and contractors, giving owners a smoother building process.

Better Solutions

Team-oriented approaches involve higher levels of communication and transparency in the building process. Teams work to assess schedules and project progress and communicate directly with owners.

Facilitating Progress

Since design-build is under one contract, everyone is on the same page. Owners are up to date, which often results in higher-quality builds and less potential litigation.

Cost Savings

Design and build services are efficient and often help to reduce overall construction costs for owners. According to the Design-Build Institute of America, design-build is the fastest growing construction method and the most cost and time-efficient.

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At Valdez Construction, Inc., we partner with select engineers, architects and construction professionals across Washington State to create a design-build team that matches each specific project scope. We specifically handpick teams based on each project, which helps us develop teams that can solve any problems or challenges that may arise during
the construction process.

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